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State of the Art Equipment

Shankar Jyoti Netralaya prioritises its patients health over everything else, which is why we are home to the latest and most advanced technology and equipment required for the correct and complete treatment of our patients.

From top-notch eye testing equipment to the using modern-day laser technology for surgeries for correction of many vision-related problems, Shankar Jyoti Netralaya has set extremely high standards of medical treatment when it comes to vision-related issues in the city of Patna.


The hospital also boasts a vast range of lenses that can help in diagnosing unstable vision like near or far sightedness, along with using the most meticulous and intricate methods of surgical treatments with the help of completely sanitised tools to make the whole process less troublesome for you.

Shankar Jyoti Netralaya has established itself as one of the most prominent names among the leading and best eye hospitals in Patna through its dedication to make superior eye health services available and affordable to all in the city. The hospital stands out among others through its unwavering effort of bringing world-class, technology-driven treatment plans to the people of Patna asnd give everyone the right to see.