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Laser Eye Treatment

Laser eye surgery is a medical procedure in which a doctor uses the laser for surgery to reshape the surface of the eye. This is performed to improve or correct short-sightedness and astigmatism. It helps to overcome pressbyopia (seeing problems up and down as we get older). 

Laser eye surgery is suitable for people older than 18 years. Basically, its prescription may have stayed around for 2 or less than 2 years. Some people who have laser vision correction may be advised to wear glasses or contact lenses to get a better result.

g equipment to the using modern-day laser technology for surgeries for correction of many vision-related problems, Shankar Jyoti Netralaya has set extremely high standards of medical treatment when it comes to vision-related issues in the city of Patna.


Laser eye treatment is the most advanced and safest procedure, with a 100 percent success rate for treating refraction disorders. In this procedure, patients are usually not required to stay back in the hospital. They recover quickly, and the vision restoration takes place after just 2-4 hours of operation.  

Before the operation, patients are treated with anaesthetic eye drops. After this treatment, patients don’t feel pain while getting the operation. They could feel a slight pressure due to using a femtosecond laser to create a flap in the cornea. After the procedure, the patient returns to their physical activity, like sports, swimming, etc., within a couple of hours.


Generally, the complications and side effects of laser eye treatment are temporary, and some of the side effects are normally treated with medication. 

Patients may experience these types of complications.

  1. The focusing power of the eye can move outside of the target range after the surgery. 

     2.  In this case, your vision can fluctuate and may not be as clear as it is immediately after the procedure.

     3. Dry eye is common side effect for a few weeks or months after surgery.

     4.It is prior situation of healing; in this case, the doctor is instructed to don’t rub your eyes, swim, or return to sports too soon.