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Retinal Detachment Retinal

Retinal detachment is an emergency situation in which a thin layer of tissue called the retina at the back of the eye pulls away from its normal position.


Retinal detachments are generally painless. But symptoms you can notice before they appear as :

  1. Suddenly, many floaters appear.
  2. Blurred vision 
  3. Flashes of light in one or both eye
  4. Gradually losing side vision 
  5. A curtain like visual infront of the eye, etc


Surgery is always used to treat the retinal tear, hole, or detachment. The success rate of this treatment is very high, about 9 out of 10. But older people can be at high risk of surgery failure or complications. After the procedure, you’ll likely be advised to stop a few activities that can potentially strain your eye for a couple of weeks.