Corneal Diseases

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Corneal Diseases

Cornea is an outer, transparent layer or structure that is made up of water and protein. There are a group of conditions that affect the cornea. That is called corneal disease. 

Types of corneal issues

Keratitis:- Keratitis is an inflammation (redness and swelling) of the cornea. Infections related to contact lenses are the most common causes of keratitis.
Dry Eye :- Dry eye happens when the eye doesn’t produce enough tears to stay wet. It makes the eye uncomfortable and may cause vision loss. 
Corneal Dystrophy :- Corneal dystrophies cause cloudy vision. It seems like dusty material is in front of the cornea. The main causes of these diseases are genetic. 

Why and how they may occur

Cornea is a transparent window in front of the eye, and it protects the eye against dusty and infected things that influence the vision. Corneal diseases affect the whole eye system and may cause pain or other symptoms of daily life. Some corneal diseases have no symptoms but still need treatment.